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In 2018 It’s the Survival of the Fittest

It seems as if our daily lives are fraught with one thing after another. As the old saying goes, ‘if ain’t one thing it’s another.’ On a daily basis we are faced with so many issues that require us to make sound and realistic decisions. However, there are times that we are faced with many issues, but very few choices.

In the midst of the various issues we are faced with in our lives, and the limited choices available to us, the problem is often compounded by the noise in our ears. These noises are often filled with filtered rhetoric from family, friends, coworkers, and other loved ones. The rhetoric is often about you, your life, your children, your family members, and your life direction. However, the noise is filtered because it is based on the perspective of the persons making the noise, rather than on your real life experiences and the issues you face. And if the filtered information from the ones you care about, love, and respect is considered noise, the information is an even greater and louder noise from those who control your economic, social, and cultural destinations. In other words, these are the people in power who usually don’t give a damn about you and yours; it’s all about them…’me, my, and I.’

When you think about the social disorder in the world, the disarray in our national government, the lawlessness and criminal acts taking place within the white house, along with threats of nuclear war, many of your fears are exacerbated. Your fears and concerns are heightened even further because of the dysfunction and turmoil among family members, the destruction of the American family system, the discord between law enforcement and racial, ethnic, and social groups, and the lack of trust in politicians. There is daily news regarding the threat of doing away with public education, children being separated from their parents at the borders with the fear of never achieving total reunification, the lack of safety inside and outside our homes, as well as the daily destruction resulting from natural disasters. Sadly, we are not in control of the majority of these occurrences or their outcomes.  Even though you are not in control of the occurrences and their outcomes, you can make yourself fit enough to fight in order to change the direction of the outcomes!

The filtered rhetoric or high-pitched noises from the powerbrokers in control of your financial, social, and cultural destinations are often more confusing, more life consuming, more threatening, and more fearful. They are the lawmakers, gatekeepers, storytellers, policymakers, newsmakers, and lawbreakers. These powerbrokers do not write and make laws that they cannot break; they only write laws that will limit you and me from having a right of passage into receiving the benefits of being a free American citizen.  However, you can combat the unjust laws by becoming fitter in order to strengthen your fight! 

Because their rhetoric is filtered, it has been modified to fit their needs and their wants, processed to fit the time at hand, and refined to confuse you and me. There are filters on their messages, coupled with falsehoods, instead of the facts that come with unfiltered information.  

The powerbrokers are gatekeepers protecting their amassed fortunes and abilities to help maintain the status quo of helping the rich to become richer, making the poor poorer and abolishing the middle class. They tell stories to confuse those who don’t know any better, who won’t or don’t know how to research, or how to find and hold onto the truth. Their stories are truly filtered untruths that are not prone to allowing you and me to see and hear the truth. They also bar us from having choices. Their story telling is an emotional and psychological diatribe designed to lure you into a false sense of reality, in order for them to remain in control. 

Unfortunately, the powerbrokers are policymakers and lawbreakers. They only make policy that will benefit them in the short and long term. And for every policy made by the powerbrokers, they include a loophole that will allow them to exclude themselves from the policies and laws that they make. They ‘fix’ the policies in order for them to reflect a win-lose outcome…a win for them and a loss for you and me.  It is time for you to lift your head out of the sand and decide that fit is the answer and not flight! 

And finally, the powerbrokers pride themselves in being great newsmakers. As does the guy in the white house, they keep themselves in the news, in their attempts to confuse and misdirect the unsuspecting few, hoping to make them the unsuspecting many. They make every attempt to turn you and me against the media by using their own filtered truths, which amount to nothing more than grand lies as they grandstand. They become the pied piper of lies, using reverse psychology to influence your hearing, your thinking, your emotions, your beliefs, and ultimately your actions. In the scheme of things, this tactic influences your ultimate demise, economically, socially, politically, culturally, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually. Hence, it is time for you to get up, stand up, speak up, put up, tighten up, and become fit to fight through your voice, your choice, and your vote!

And if you think you have limited choices in dealing with your life directions with the filtered noises coming from those you care about and love, your back can and will be completely against the wall when you are faced with the high pitched noise from the filtered rhetoric of the politicians and others who are self-serving and not servant leaders. There are too many of these soul sellers, dealmakers, and sellouts attempting to run your neighborhood, run your city/town, run your state, and even run your country into the ground. As they ruin each of these entities, at your expense, you are ultimately faced with emotional and psychological disarray, along with financial uncertainty and instability, as well as a state o emotional and spiritual bankruptcy. It is time for you to clear your mind, strengthen your heart, recharge your spirit, tighten your economic belt and stand in the fit lane with others who are fit and those becoming even fitter!

It takes much inner drive and inner strength, as well as outer drive, outer strength, your voice, your choice, your stamina, your stance, your stand, and your vote, to not only stand against the filtered rhetoric, but also against negative and debilitating actions espoused by powerbrokers against you and me, in order for them to remain in control. The power of your drive, your strength, your voice, your choice, your stamina, your stance, your stand, and your vote, allows you to be one of the fittest in countering the ills being thrust upon you and me by their filtered rhetoric.

Here is your chance to engage in actions that will help you to combat community and family division, hatred, fear, anger, anxiety, and your seeming lack of control. Because you are you and you are endowed with all of the internal power and fortitude to survive, you CAN begin to filter the rhetoric that comes your way by infusing truth in reality.

You and I must stand and publicly voice our opinions, put our money where our mouth is, grace the voting polls with our presence and our vote, and make conscious decisions to eradicate lies, hate and bigotry. We must either stand for something or fall for anything. We must get in shape emotionally, psychologically, physically, academically, economically, socially, politically, and spiritually. Until you are in top shape in all of these areas, you cannot and will not be fit enough to tangle with, stand against, and fight against the filtered rhetoric and high-pitched noise being put forth by the powerbrokers, in an attempt for them to ensure our ultimate demise.

 You are probably asking how can you remain or become one of the fittest persons in order to stand in front of and against those seeking to destroy you, your family, and your friends, along with all that you all stand for, including the truth. Here it is, totally unfiltered in the midst of mess, along with the truths that guide your reality.

In order for you to be amongst the ‘Fittest’ in 2018, to ensure your survival, it is imperative that the following exist:

·     You are intentionalin what you believe in, take a stance on, and for what you stand for, no matter what others think about you, say about you, or believe about you. You must have a clear plan of direction with goals, objectives, and clear action steps, allowing you to survive against the plots and ploys of the powerbrokers, designed to identify you as a loser, instead of a winner.
·     Take and adopt aprivate and a public position, a posture, a stand, and a stance on where you are, what you believe, as well as what you will and will not take when it comes to dealing with the filtered rhetoric of the powerbrokers. Draw a line in the sand with clear and succinct boundaries, without being afraid of speaking up and out about your position, your posture, where you stand, and your stance. 
·     Stand in unfiltered truthand not filtered lies. Speak truths without fear, stand in truths as a grounder, and act in truths as your reality. The truth not only sets you free, it keeps you free.
·     Remain hopeful, always believing that you were created to be a defeater instead of being defeated. Believe that no matter what seems to be the reality of the powerbrokers, you can, you will, and you are overcoming their filtered rhetoric.
·     Remain connectedto and with positive and constructive family members & friends, recognizing that the intent of the powerbrokers is to cause divisiveness amongst family and friends, in order to isolate you and alienate you from family and friends. The intent of the powerbrokers is to impact you emotionally, psychologically, physically, economically, and spiritually, causing you to believe that you are on an island alone, rendering you hopeless, helpless, and unfit.
·     Engage in constant and daily conversations & communicationwith positive thinking, forwarding thinking, forward moving, and unfiltered family members, friends, and coworkers. These people should also be truth seekers, believers, shakers, movers, and motivators, willing to stand for the truth, stand in the truth and engage in truth on a daily basis. 
·     After engaging in conversations and communicating, it is imperative that you, your rusted family members, and friends come together and put your resources together, in order to become stronger economically in your efforts to stand against the powerbrokers with their filtered conversations and high pitched noise. 
·     You all must develop a plan of survival,economically, emotionally, psychologically, physically, spiritually, socially, and politically. This plan of survival must not only exist for the short time, but also for the long term. It must also be one of love, caring, and sharing.  You must identify and utilize your resources.
·     You, your trusted loved ones and friends must develop a plan of action,including realistic, attainable, and measurable goals, time frames, action steps, as well as expected outcomes as to how you all will survive against the powerbrokers and other evil intent. Resources, including human, monetary, and others must also be included. 
·     Prayeris essential in you and your loved ones standing against the wiles of evil and ensuring our fitness in 2018. You must pray in season, out of season, morning, noon and night, engaging in corporate prayer with each other. There is strength in prayer and strength in numbers. You must believe in the power of prayer and the presence of a higher power. You must believe that God always has the final say, no matter how things seem. There IS a light at the end of the tunnel!
·     Believe in your presence, your position, and your power through God, by prioritizing what and who is important. Continue standing for the clear and pure unadulterated truths for life and in life!
·     VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!!!!

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