Monday, March 4, 2013

Using the Power of Words to Direct Your Life & Your Relationships

You’ve often heard and repeated the sayings, “The power of life and death are in the tongue”; “It’s not what goes in a man’s mouth that defiles him; it’s what comes out”; “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt.”

Words will never hurt?!  That’s a lie!!  They do hurt! And many times the emotional hurt of words is greater than some of the physical pain you experience; and it seems to last longer. Too often, the words you speak are dictated by your emotions regarding something, someone, or some situation. But, no matter what things seem like on the outside, and no matter what your feelings are on the inside, speaking positive words can bring life back into a seemingly dead situation.   

Words can be smoother than butter or cut like a two-edged sword. Yes, the words you speak have power beyond measure! As a matter of fact, the words you speak can make you or break you; they can free you or enslave you; they can promote you or demote you; they can help you to grow or stunt your growth; they can bring happiness or sadness; they can save your life or cost you your life.  The words you speak are so powerful that they can cut and they can heal you, all at the same time!

It is important to use effective verbal communication in achieving the dreams of your life, as well as helping you to attain and maintain healthy and positive relationships.  In essence, because the words you speak have power, they have a tremendous impact on how your day goes and how much your relationships grow. The words you speak are directly related to your life’s successes or failures.  Yes; the words you choose and the words you use are the basis and the base for directing your life, as well as your relationships!!!

The words you speak are reflective of what you believe. And if you believe  negatively, you will speak negatively (can’t); and you will engage in negative actions (won’t).  As a result of your negative beliefs, your negative speaking, and your negative actions, you will have negative results (consequences). Therefore, you must learn to rid yourself of your negative beliefs, negative words, and negative actions by changing what you believe and what you speak (dispute).  It’s as simple as ABC; your (B)eliefs determine your (A)ctions, which determine the ensuing (C)onsequences. Through (D)isputing your negative beliefs and changing your negative (B)ehaviors—what you speak… you can change the outcomes of your relationships and your life experiences.

Your words are the seeds you plant for your life’s harvest.  If you continue to plant words of negativity through what you speak on a daily basis, the harvests of your relationships will be few and meager.  So too, will be the harvest resulting in your life endeavors.

You must learn to equate the words that you choose and use on a daily basis to that of taking a one-a-day vitamin or other daily life sustaining medications.  Although you are ingesting medications to ensure a healthy physical state, you tend to speak words that can and will not only negate the effects of the medication on your body, but also negative words can and will damage, destroy, and kill your mindset, your emotional wellbeing, your motivation, your hopes, and your dreams! In other words, look at the use of daily positive words as medication for your mind, body and soul!!!!

If you believe that you deserve the best in your relationships and in your life in general…it is time for you to speak it and receive it!!! It is time for you to begin to direct your life and manage your relationships by paying attention to the words you speak. Even more so, it is probably past time for you to decide to change and eliminate the negative words that you speak, by replacing them with positive words!!

If you are looking for positive outcomes in your relationships and in your life, it is time for you to terminate your membership in the insanity club.  Follow the steps below to guide you through the process of ridding yourself of negative speaking, allowing you to not only speak positively in and over your life and your relationships on a daily basis, but for you to begin to expect and experience positive and healthy relationships, as well as positive and healthy life outcomes, which you deserve!!  It is time for you to have the harvests of your lifetime!  I challenge you to start speaking positively today and every day, so that you can start reaping the positive rewards this day and everyday of your life!!!!!
  • Engage in the “negative ridding” process.  Take out several sheets of paper and list all of your favorite negative words.  Draw a large ‘X’ across the words; crumple the paper in your hands; take the crumpled sheets of paper with your crossed-out negative words outside to a trash receptacle and discard them in the receptacle.  Turn around; walk away…without looking back and say, “I no longer choose to speak negatively on any day; speaking positive is the only way!”
  • Develop a list of positive words to use daily and place them on your refrigerator, wish board, bathroom or bedroom mirror (excited, successful, fantastic, blessed, directed, beautiful, chosen, amazing, powerful, kind, exemplary, faithful, favored, honest, etc).
  • Choose a word from your positive word list each day; allow the word you choose to guide your day, especially in challenging times.
  • Invite your family to participate in using a positive word a day (your mate, children, parents, siblings, and friends).
  • Use your positive words in sentences on a daily basis.
  • Speak positive statements in and over your relationships, your life, and the lives of your family members, especially your children, on a daily basis.
  • When negative thoughts enter your mind, negate them by speaking positive statements aloud.
  • Engage in intentional positive speaking.
  • Speak what you want to have happen in your relationships and your life.
  •  Be clear in your positive speaking.
  • Be a part of the construction process with your words; not a part of the destruction process.
  • Make sure your words are builders, not destroyers.
  • Engage in speaking a kind and positive word to others on a daily basis; even when they are not reciprocating the same.
  • Speak positive words that you mean.
  • Speak with care and tact.
  • Don’t allow people to speak negativity into your life.
  • Don’t let words of others define you; to be defined by the words of others means you have no definition.
  • Avoid hanging with negative people.
  • Surround yourself with PPGP’s…Positive People Going Places!
  • Remember that the greatest Words are in the Bible…read them and use them daily!
  • Sit back and expect positive changes in your relationships and in your life!! You deserve it!

And if n one else seems to encourage you with their words, encourage yourself through the positive words you speak on a daily basis!!!